UK - Joint declaration to tackle climate change


Three major English cities are set to develop tailored action plans to slash their CO2 emissions under a new scheme, UK Minister for Climate Change Joan Ruddock has announced.

Under the Low Carbon Cities Programme, the Carbon Trust and the Energy Saving Trust will work with Bristol, Leeds and Manchester to develop individual city-wide action plans to achieve low-carbon economies, which are both prosperous and sustainable.

New measures and initiatives will be introduced and could include renewable energy and trigeneration (creating power, heat and cooling from a single source), along with energy-saving measures - such as insulation and promoting cycling to work. Key public service bodies, businesses and community leaders in each of the cities will contribute to the strategy and its implementation.

The £250,000 of funding from Defra will also benefit the other members of the Core Cities Group - Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield - by producing audits of current emissions and identifying cost-effective carbon saving opportunities. The programme will establish a city-wide CO2 baseline, show emission totals and provide a detailed breakdown of where emissions come from. The data gathered will allow cities to forecast how changes to certain areas will most effectively cut emissions.

Leaders of the eight Core Cities, Communities and UK Local Government Secretary Hazel Blears and Joan Ruddock also signed a pledge that identifies opportunities to reduce emissions and outlines specific actions that Government and Core Cities will undertake.

The Minister also announced a new programme from the UK Business Council for Sustainable Energy, which is working with and RWE npower, to assist UK cities in taking practical measures to tackle climate change. This project is focused on the UK's major cities to develop a network of good practice in deploying technology and exploring emerging sustainable energy opportunities.

The Council will deliver a targeted regional programme in key UK cities to stimulate high-level support for action on sustainable energy and build networks with the energy sector. The Council will also deliver a series of events to investigate how policy can be improved to enable the growth of new low-carbon technologies.