European Green Capital Award


On 22 May 2008, the European Commission launched the European Green Capital Award to promote and reward the efforts made by local European authorities to improve the environment.

The online application process is now open for the 2010 and 2011 awards. The deadline for submitting applications for both the 2010 and 2011 awards is 1 October 2008.

Urban environment
The establishment of this new award is timely, as Europe is now essentially an urban society. Four out of five Europeans live in towns or cities. Most environmental challenges today originate from these urban areas. However, it is also these urban areas that bring together the commitment and innovation necessary to solve the challenges.

The European Green Capital Award is a reward to cities that are making efforts to improve the urban environment and moving towards healthier and more sustainable living conditions for their citizens. Progress is its own reward, but the satisfaction and pride generated in winning a prestigious European award will spur cities to invest in further efforts and will boost awareness in other cities. The award will enable cities to inspire each other and share best practice through friendly competition.

Award criteria
The award will be given to a city that -

  • has a consistent record in achieving high environmental objectives
  • is committed to ongoing and ambitious goals for further environmental improvement and sustainable development - and
  • will act as a role model - promoting best practice and inspiring other cities.

Disseminating best practice
In their applications, cities must present a programme for disseminating best practice and show how they intend to act as role models for other European cities.

The programme may, for instance, include -

  • Creating a website
  • Organising an opening conference (showing why the city was selected and sharing best practice)
  • Organising workshops, events and conferences
  • Organising a closing ceremony
  • Organising exhibitions in order to share best practice and experience
  • Creating publications
  • Writing articles for international magazines
  • Disseminating guidelines
  • Making films
  • Conducting guided tours of the city showing innovative solutions - and
  • Promoting co-operation and partnership between authorities, citizens, the business community, environment groups and other stakeholders.

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