Managing your farm forest rewards you


A nationwide series of 17 Teagasc forest walks is currently ongoing.

The walks are highlighting the importance of managing plantations better to maximise returns. Head of Teagasc's Forestry Development Unit, Dr Nuala Ní Fhlatharta, said - "Forestry is like all other farm enterprises - the better it is managed, the more benefits accrue. Managing farm forests well results in good prices for the quality timber produced."

The events are organised by Teagasc in association with the Forest Service and cover a range of topics including -

  • Conifer Management
  • FEPS
  • Native Woodland Scheme
  • Forest Roads
  • Preparation for First Thinnings
  • Forest Maintenance of a Young Crop
  • Shaping of Broadleaves
  • Preparation for Second Thinning and High Pruning - and
  • Shaping and Tending of Ash.

The Forest Environment Protection Scheme (FEPS) makes forestry an attractive land-use option for some farmers who can receive an additional FEPS premium of up to €200 per hectare of woodland planted, regardless of farm size, subject to a minimum of five or eight hectares being planted.

The Native Woodland Scheme provides financial support for landowners to promote biodiversity and supports a wide range of other benefits and functions arising from native woodlands - relating to landscape, cultural heritage, wood and non-wood products and services, the practice of traditional woodland management techniques, environmental education and carbon sequestration.

To help facilitate the construction of a harvest road, grant aid may be available under the Forest Road Scheme administered by the Forest Service. The grant is designed to cover a maximum of 80 per cent of the cost of construction.

Nuala Ní Fhlatharta has urged all forest owners to come along to this countrywide series of farm forest walks and see at first-hand how good forest management can help increase financial returns.