€1.9m contract signed for major North Clare project


Clare County Council and Ward & Burke Construction Ltd, Co. Galway, have signed contracts for the upgrade of the sewerage network for Corofin in county Clare.

It is expected that work on the contract - valued at almost €1.9m - will commence immediately. The contract is due for completion within 12 months, by which time the Local Authority expects the upgrade of the Wastewater Treatment Plant (DBO - Design-Build-Operate Contract) to be well advanced. When complete, the scheme is expected to cost over €7m.

“Approximately 750 homes will benefit from the provision of these high quality sewerage treatment facilities” - explained Mr. Tom Carey, Clare County Engineer. He added - “I am delighted that this contract is beginning and look forward to the completion of the entire scheme over the next 12 to 18 months."

Mayor of Clare, Cllr Patricia McCarthy commented - “I look forward to the hugely improved service being put in place to facilitate the future development of Corofin, while dealing with the significant environmental considerations of such infrastructure for future generations. Schemes such as this, while coming at a significant price to the council, are of urgent necessity given the European and national standards that we are obliged to meet."

Contract 3 entails almost 3km of new and replacement foul sewerage network and provision of almost 1km of Storm (Surface) Water sewer network, as well as upgrading of 900m of watermains for the village.

The contract programme is structured in such a manner that there will be minimal disruption to the village centre during the summer period.