Ulster school gets an A in energy efficiency


An Ulster primary school has been awarded the UK's first top grade under the new Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) scheme for its energy efficiency.

Ballyhalbert-based Victoria Primary boasts a host of environmentally-friendly features - including toilets flushed by rainwater, electricity generated by sunlight and its own biomass boiler.

The new school cost 2 million and was designed and built by local contractor, Graham.

All new buildings in Northern Ireland will be required to have an EPC when they are constructed or before they can be marketed for sale or rent (Click Here). This explains how energy-efficient the building is and what impact it is having on the environment through CO2 emissions.

Graham project manager, Keith Patrick said - "With Victoria Primary School, we have adopted highly sustainable design features that will not only save the school money, but have less impact on the environment."

School principal Alison Campbell said that the school building would help the children learn about protecting the environment. "The environmentally-friendly aspects of the building create a great learning atmosphere for all and educate the children and parents of how important it is to think about what impact we have on the environment."