Recycling centre 'abuse' leads to a hike in charges


Abuse by commercial businesses of recycling centres which are intended for domestic/household use only, has led Meath County Council to introduce a new payment system that will see charges for green waste for large trailers increase from €2 to €100.

New charges for green waste introduced recently see the charge for cars and single-axle trailer continue at €2, while a car with a double-axle trailer will pay €20, commercial vehicles under two tonnes will pay €50 and commercial vehicles from two/five tonnes will pay €100. Vehicles over five tonnes will not be accepted.

Meath County Council spokesperson, Bill Sweeney said there had been 'substantial abuse' of the existing system where a charge of €2 applied to all categories and that this had to be addressed and the new charges were introduced.

He added that one of the main abuses was that some people in the landscape gardening business had been using the recycling centres for commercial purposes and were coming on a number of occasions within the one day, paying just €2 per visit.

Meath County Council Environment Awareness Officer, Bernadine Carry said that, in recent years, a large number of commercial operators have been using green waste mulching and recycling facilities in the centre.

She said - “The huge volumes of green waste - much of it from commercial customers - has put the viability of accepting this waste stream in jeopardy. Across Ireland, more than half of existing recycling centres no longer accept green waste because of the high cost. Meath County Council wishes to continue to maintain all services at the recycling facilities.

"For this reason, the council has introduced a schedule of fees - aimed, for the most part, at commercial users. The introduction of these charges will ensure that Meath County Council can continue to provide this service at the Meath recycling centres - either free of charge or at a reasonable cost to householders.”

She stressed that all other services at the centre remain unchanged. Householders can continue to recycle large volumes of household waste for the existing charge of €2 per visit. The Trim, Navan and Kells Recycling Centres are open Monday to Saturday - 9am to 4.45pm.