Sustainable Architecture Now - Delivering Exemplar Buildings, Setting Future Standards


The conference - 'Sustainable Architecture Now - Delivering Exemplar Buildings, Setting Future Standards' - will take place on 22nd July 2008 at Dublin Castle.

Irelandís national policy commitments on sustainable energy and CO2 abatement have set particularly aggressive targets for the energy performance of the built environment.

Delivery on this challenge will demand significant upskilling across the totality of the building industry. Indeed, the very concept of sustainability calls for integrated approaches at various levels of delivery - from planning, design and procurement, through to construction, operation and maintenance of our buildings.

This notably includes meeting already significantly strengthened building energy performance standards set in national and local regulations and anticipating future demands.

Following the successful conference - 'Energy efficiency for sustainable communities' - in January 2008, the focus of this event is on practical delivery issues.

The day is composed of two parts -

  • Working Debate & Open Forums - covering topics that pose a particular practical challenge for the industry;
  • Announcement of a suite of design competitions designed to stimulate exemplar solutions.

The conference should be of particular interest to architecture, construction, engineering and surveying professions active in the building industry in both the private and public sectors.

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