IFA welcomes the inclusion of wood gasification boilers in GHS


IFA Farm Forestry Chairman Pat Hennessy has welcomed the announcement that biomass gasification boilers will be included in Phase III of the Greener Homes Scheme from the 22nd July (Click Here).

IFA has been putting pressure on the Government over recent months for the inclusion of biomass gasification boilers in the Scheme.

Pat Hennessy said - “Increasing numbers of our members are thinning their plantations and producing timber for the first time. Many see this as an ideal fuel source to heat their homes. Already they are stockpiling and drying timber.

“Installing a biomass gasification boiler could reduce your annual home heating bill by as much as 60%, when you consider that home heating oil has increased by 40% since the start of 2008. The saving could be as much as 80% if you have are using the timber from your own forest.”

The past decade has seen considerable advances in efficiency and emission levels of gasifier-type firewood boilers, making them a suitable source of sustainable heat production for homes and small commercial installations. The boilers are manually fed by simply laying wood into the feed chamber of the boiler. The units can be charged with sufficient fuel to provide heat and warm water for a large house for at least a full day. With a suitably sized buffer tank, this can be extended significantly to as much as once a week for hot water or once every 2-3 days during the heating season.

“We are delighted that our campaign for the introduction of gasification boilers has been successful and would like to thank the TDs and particularly Tony Killeen, Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries for supporting our campaign” - continued Pat Hennessy.

“Wood is an ideal carbon neutral renewable fuel resource for domestic homes. It is particularly attractive to farm families that may not be connected to gas and, therefore, using more expensive and carbon heavy fuels such as oil” - he concluded.