Agri-Energy acquires Enva's Foodservice Solutions


Agri-Energy, the renewable energy division of Irish Food Processors, has announced that it has completed the acquisition of Enva Ireland Ltd’s Foodservice Solutions cooking oils and fats supply and recovery business.

The acquisition further reinforces Agri-Energy’s position as the largest distributor of fresh vegetable oils and collector of waste cooking oils in Ireland and the UK. Through this strategic transaction, the company intends to add further value to its customers through economies of scale in terms of both buying power for fresh cooking oil and the degree of superior service delivered to its customers.

Agri-Energy is committed to producing renewable fuels with the most compelling carbon footprint. Its chosen feedstocks of waste cooking oil and tallow is four times more carbon efficient than feedstocks such as rapeseed, palm oil or soy-based biodiesel.

Agri-Energy is the largest collector and processor of recovered vegetable oils and fats in Ireland and the UK, with a market share of over 35%, achieved through 15 strategic acquisitions over the past two years.

The company is currently developing biodiesel plants in the Port of Waterford in Ireland and, in the UK, at Eastham, Merseyside.

Purified tallow will be supplied by the beef processing operations of Agri-Energy’s parent company - Irish Food Processors.

Chief Executive of Agri-Energy, Robert Behan, said - “Our strategy is predicated on abating carbon in the most environmentally sustainable manner - thus avoiding the food versus fuel conflict and averting deforestation. This new investment is a tangible demonstration of our strategy as we look to convert waste biomass into biodiesel.”

A spokesperson for Enva said - "The decision to sell our Foodservice Solutions division was taken to allow Enva focus on capitalising on the strong growth potential of our core business activities in the waste management and environmental services sector.

"We are satisfied that this division has been purchased by a company that has already established a strong business that is exclusively focused on the foodservice solutions sector and is, therefore, well placed to take business forward in the years ahead."

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