Microchips will help cut council tax


Local authorities in Ireland which use microchips in bins are forward-thinking and will save residents paying a lot of money on their council tax, according to a bin identification provider.

Advanced Manufacturing and Control Systems (AMCS) is a supplier of bin identification solutions to the waste management and recycling industry in Ireland and the UK.

Business development manager, Austin Ryan said - “A lot of local authorities are heavily criticised for being forward-thinking - but, in adopting this method, they will probably reduce council tax bills for their residents. With landfill tax becoming more expensive, it is essential that we divert waste from landfill and promote recycling in every possible way.

“The microchip technology is exactly like a supermarket clubcard. It collects information on recycling and waste generation habits. For every 70% of people that want to recycle, 30% will not want to. For those 30% that drag everybody down, this system can pinpoint the people that recycle and make the other 30% become better recyclers.”

The microchip is stored in the bin and each bin is given a unique identifier – the chip acts like a barcode. The bin chip can be read once inside a refuse vehicle which has a tracking reader and can provide data on weight of the bin and how much residents are recycling.

AMCS currently operates more than 100 bin weighing and identification systems in Ireland, with clients in both the public and private sectors. The firm said its identification and software package enables users to see all bins that have been emptied during collection - as well as being able to plot the location of each bin on a digital map to help draw-up the most efficient collection routes.