Plans unveiled for biopark facility to produce biodiesel


A west Cork company is hoping to develop a major bio-park facility in Waterford.

The proposed project will allow the production of biodiesel, fuel pelleting and rape seed processing on a major scale.

BioPower Ltd, located in Schull, has applied to Waterford County Council for planning permission for the development of the bio-park and associated buildings in Tallow. If given the go-ahead, the new development will be based on using renewable energy sources for its products. The market is growing for energy and fuels independent of petroleum.

Benefits include not being subject to volatile international prices, not using a finite energy supply and emitting less carbon dioxide emissions into the environment.

BioPower’s plans for its site at Kilbeg Upper and Glennaglogh, Tallow, include three main buildings for the three elements of its operations.

Biodiesel is any diesel-equivalent biofuel, derived from vegetable oils and is described by the company as 'non-toxic, biodegradable and greenhouse gas neutral' - with a similar energy power output to standard, mineral diesel. It is produced by processing rape seed oil or other vegetable oils, which also yields a product known as rape cake - used as an animal feed.

Anaerobic digestion will also take place on the site, to produce a bio-gas and fertiliser - while fuel pellets will be produced using wood products, straw, miscanthus and other energy crops.

A waste licence will be needed by BioPower Ltd before it can carry out anaerobic digestion on the site, while an Environmental Impact Statement will form part of the planning application.

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