ERM contributes to major new book on Managing Climate Risk


Environmental Resources Management (ERM) has been heavily involved in the writing of a new book entitled - Managing Climate Risk: a practical guide for business.

Climate change poses a serious threat to the continuity and prosperity of organisations - serious disruption in business activities and a permanent cut in output.

The book explains how organisations can reduce their exposure to direct threats, improve their efficiency and learn how to gain from market shifts.

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ERM has written five of the chapters -

  • Keeping weather on the corporate radar (Tim Geyer)
  • Climate Change: the starting point (Tom Woollard)
  • Greenhouse gas reporting (Tom Woollard)
  • Capturing Carbon (Paul Zakkour)
  • Carbon Footprinting (Charles Allison).

Published by Thorogood Publishing in the UK, ERM has obtained a 33% discount on the recommended price of the book from the publishers for themselves and their clients.

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