Climate change roadshow coming to Castlebar


People in Castlebar will have the opportunity to 'Know Your Number' at the Government’s Climate Change Awareness Campaign Roadshow on Thursday July 17 at Tesco, Market Square, Castlebar from 1pm to 7pm.

The Change team will be on hand to show people in Castlebar how to calculate their carbon count number and to learn what impact their daily activities are having on climate change.

“Everybody in Ireland has an impact on climate change - our carbon count number. The biggest contributor to climate change is carbon dioxide, which mostly comes from burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil, gas and peat” - says Lorraine Fitzgerald, Change spokesperson.

“Much of what we do involves the use of energy generated through burning these fossil fuels - so, the way we live, work and travel has a huge bearing on climate change.”

To Know Your Number, log on to the carbon calculator at - Click Here - it only takes five to ten minutes.

As well as calculating an individual’s carbon count number, the calculator provides advice and goals on how to reduce that number - which also helps to save money.