Cork - farm film plastic collections a resounding success


Cork County Council has now seen the completion of the Farm Film Collections within the county - organised and managed by the Irish Farm Films Producer Group (IFFPG).

"it was deemed a huge success, with almost 4000 farmers visiting the 16 designated locations with an estimated 3000 tonnes of silage wrap and pit covers being gathered for recycling" - according to Mr. Enda Kiernan, Senior Executive Engineer, Cork County Council (South).

The contract was undertaken by Agrilife Services Ltd. on behalf of IFFPG. Mr. Liam Moloney, General Manager, IFFPG, described the bring-centres in County Cork as "hugely successful and that this service would be provided annually going forward, in addition to farm collections, which are available all year round".

The collected plastic will be baled and sent to Co Tipperary where it will be washed and heat-treated. At the end of this process the recycled plastic goes for manufacture into items such as damp-proof membranes, garden and street furniture, pallets and refuse sacks, amongst other things. The segregation of netting from plastics is necessary for future collections organised by farmers from their premises and should be borne in mind at all times.

It should be remembered that it is illegal to burn or to bury polythene. IFFPG will accept bale wrap, pit covers and net wrap from 2008 onwards - but the latter must be kept separate.

When ordering a collection of plastics in 2008, proof of purchase is all that is required to entitle the farmer to cheaper collection rates. However, to continue with the cheaper rates in 2008, it is required to keep a 6 digit number on the pallet from which the plastic came.

For more detailed information, contact -

Waverly Office Park
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Tel: 1890 300 444