Government urged to stick to NDP plan


It is imperative that the National Development Plan be implemented as planned, according to Davis Langdon PKS - one of Irelands biggest construction firms.

It said that construction firms are already lowering their tender prices for contracts and that there is no better time to achieve real value for money for the investment under the NDP.

Davis Langdon PKS Managing Director, Norman Craig, said - "It is vital for the future economic and social well-being of this island that the National Development Plan 2007-2013 is delivered in full. It is an ambitious framework for the continuing economic development of Ireland and must not be scaled back or downgraded in any way.

"The Plan published in 2007 with the title - 'Transforming Ireland - A Better Quality of Life for All' (Click Here) - sets out a six-year programme for development. Conceived and published in a more optimistic economic climate, it is even more important in today's more difficult times."

Norman Craig added - "A key component of the plan is value for money and, with tender levels low and contractors scrapping for every new project, there is no better time to achieve real value for money."

The Davis Langdon PKS Summer Review reveals that construction prices increased by 5pc between March 2007 and March 2008. However, tender levels - the prices contractors bid for new work - have been much more competitive. "The perceived shortage of new work has led contractors to submit exceptionally low prices for available projects. Price reductions in the order of -5pc to -15pc have been recorded. Davis Langdon PKS expect average tender levels to decrease by -8pc in 2008."

Norman Craig said that he expected the Minister for Finance to be under a lot of pressure to reduce spending in the immediate future.