DCC commence review of Waste Collection Permits


Dublin City Council is reviewing -  on a phased basis - the existing waste collection permits in the region.

Permit holders will be notified in writing when their application is under review. The first phase of the review process has commenced. Two documents are included with the notification to permit holders to assist with the review process. These are -

  • A copy of the waste collection permit application form (Click Here) and data tables (Click Here
  • A copy of the guidance manual for completion of the tables (Click Here).

Where to send the relevant documentation
Applicants submitting a waste collection permit application to Dublin City Council are requested to submit one hard copy and an electronic copy of the completed application form and signed Statutory Declaration to the following address -

Dublin City Council
Waste Collection Permit Review
Eblana House
Marrowbone Lane
Dublin 8.

Dublin City Council recommends that permit holders submit electronic copies of the data tables in Appendix 2 to [email protected]. A hard copy of the tables in Appendix 2 will also be accepted as part of an application to the above address.

Permit holders submitting an application to a nominated authority, other than Dublin City Council, are advised to contact the relevant nominated authority to confirm the number of applications required and address details.

Timeline for submitting documentation
The first phase of the review process is currently underway. Permit holders who have received notification of the review are required to submit applications within a specific timeline.

Permit holders submitting an application to Dublin City Council for a review of their waste collection permit, have 25 working days from the notification date to submit their application.

Permit holders who decide to apply for a new waste collection permit have 60 working days from the notification date, to submit their applications to the nominated authority in the region where the principal waste collection activities are proposed to take place.

A Flowchart can be downloaded (Click Here) showing an overview of the review process. This flowchart sets out the complete review of waste collection permit application process and gives timelines for each stage of the process.

Contact Details
Permit holders can contact the Waste Management Services of Dublin City Council with any queries on the permit review at -

Tel: (01) 2224621 / (01) 2224622
Email: [email protected]

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