Dell recycles 100m lbs pounds of equipment


With over 100 million pounds of equipment recycled, 2007 marked a new record for Dell as the year with the largest product recycling volume - a 20 percent increase from 2006.

Dell marked the one-year anniversary of its commitment to be the greenest technology company on the planet by reporting the company’s largest single-year product recycling volume, becoming the first major computer manufacturer to offer Silver 80 PLUS-certified power supplies and demonstrating significant progress in its global zero-carbon initiative.

“Our customers and stakeholders are inspiring us to lead a new era of environmental responsibility” - said Tod Arbogast, director of sustainable business for Dell. “We are at a historic point in time when the combined efforts of companies, customers, employees and suppliers will make the critical changes to protect our shared Earth.”

Dell reported recovery of 102 million pounds of IT equipment from customers during 2007, a 20 percent increase over 2006. The company also continues to lead the industry in setting responsible recycling standards - including minimisation of landfill globally, no export of waste and regular third-party audits of materials disposition. Dell remains the only major computer manufacturer to offer free recycling for consumers worldwide.

Dell remains focused on helping customers meet their own efficiency goals by working to provide products with the most performance per watt. Since 2005, the company’s client desktop systems, alone, have helped customers save more than $2.5 billion and avoid approximately 24 million tons of CO2.

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