EEA Photographic Exhibition


Mr. Michael Kitt, TD, Minister of State for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, attended the European Environment Agency photographic exhibition - Changing Climate, Changing People.

The exhibition was on display in the Office of Public Works, St. Stephens Green until 11th July 2008.

The Exhibition presented images of Greenland by Pulitzer prize-winning photojournalist John McConnico. Mr. McConnico visited Greenland in 2007 to document the effects of climate change on the breathtaking Arctic scenery.  On June 21st of that year, temperatures reached 22°Celsius - the highest on record. The photographs tell their own story, with the ice showing the scars of the summer melt.

The Minister thanked the European Environment Agency and Mr. McConnico for their work on the exhibition. He also thanked the Environment Protection Agency and the Irish Embassy in Copenhagen for their efforts in bringing this important exhibition to Ireland.

Speaking at the exhibition, the Minister praised Mr. McConnico for his outstanding work. “I think your photographs tell their own story. I think they show quite clearly that climate change is real and it is happening. The exhibition is an important tool in getting the message across - we need to protect the environment” - he said. 

He also spoke about the recent findings of the IPCC report and the recent research report by Met Eireann, which showed that our climate will continue to warm with possible increases of 3 - 4°Celsius towards the end of the century.

“Ireland is playing its part - at national level and within the EU - but also in supporting international efforts to find consensus on a comprehensive global response to climate change” - the Minister said.