Vatican supports green tourism


As the northern hemisphere holiday season opens, the Vatican has issued a set of guidelines for tourists on making their vacations more environmentally friendly.

Reuters reports that the Vatican has issued a set of suggestions to help tourists minimise or offset environmental damage caused by their pursuit of rest and relaxation.

"One can choose to be a tourist at odds with the Earth or in favour of it" - said the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People, according to excerpts published by Italy's ANSA news agency.

Tips include taking less luggage on gas guzzling airplanes and cars, planting trees to offset tourists' carbon footprints and choosing holiday spots in closer harmony with nature, ANSA said.

Under Pope Benedict and his predecessor - John Paul - the Vatican has become progressively more 'green' - including installing photovoltaic cells on buildings to produce electricity (Click Here).

Last year, the Vatican hosted a scientific conference on climate change to underscore the role that religious leaders around the world could play in reminding people that damaging the environment is sinful.