Haulbowline workers to receive legal advice


Well-known solicitor, Gerald Kean has agreed to advise a number of men who have expressed serious concerns for their health after working on the Haulbowline Island toxic waste clean-up.

Reports state that the workers have spoken out about the methods used to remove contaminated soil from the former Irish Steel site in Cork Harbour.

One of the workers said he has serious concerns about the health of up to 35 men - both Irish and non-national - after months of exposure to toxic materials.

He said contaminated soil was scooped-up in a special bucket with holes and was riddled - or shaken vigorously - to separate rocks from fine dust. The dust was placed in trucks for shipment to Germany.

“This stuff - this dust - was airborne. It was being blown during the riddling, during transport and while it was stored” - he said. “We want to know what we were exposed to, what was in the soil and what tests or screening we should get.”

The mens' fears arose after it was revealed that traces of the carcinogen - Chromium 6 - together with lead and mercury are among an estimated 500,000 tonnes of toxic waste buried on the island’s East Tip site (Click Here). It is breached by the tidal waters twice a day and winds blow dust across the harbour.