Response Group to provide Limerick Co Co with technology to protect lifebuoys


Response Group, a leading water and wastewater treatment company, has announced that it is to provide Limerick County Council with remote text alert technology on lifebuoys in the Limerick region.

Response Group is to contribute technical assistance for the development and rollout of this pilot project as part of an ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative.

The Water Safety initiative will involve the purchase and installation of telematic technology to be fitted to lifebuoys at six locations in Limerick county. The technology will work to prevent lifebuoys in the region from being stolen or vandalised. When a lifebuoy is moved from its location, the telematic technology will send a text message to Limerick County Council alerting them to what has happened and allowing them to resolve the situation.

Response Group has committed financial assistance towards the development, installation and integration of the necessary equipment.

Speaking on behalf of Response Group, Geoff O’Sullivan Chief Operating Officer, said - “We are delighted to be able to assist Limerick County Council with this project and we are looking forward to providing and maintaining the technology and range of services necessary to make this project a success. I’d also like to commend our technology partner - Mike Mc Ennis from Celtrak - for his work on this initiative.”

John Leech, Irish Water Safety CEO, said - “Lifebuoys are crucial to preventing drownings in Irish waterways. Removal of lifebuoys from their set locations endangers lives and this new technology will greatly improve the ability of Limerick County Council to ensure lifebuoys are in their correct locations when they are needed.”

"The message we constantly try to get across to the public is 'a stolen ringbuoy means a stolen life'” - stated Kevin Sheehan, Cathaoirleach of Limerick County Council. He added - “The Council provides and maintains lifebuoys at more than fifty locations. Some are respected properly - but, regrettably, some others are frequently vandalised. Anyone who interferes with a lifebelt is endangering a life and deserves punishment by the rigours of the law for their recklessness.

"I hope this new technology will enable us to catch these vandals in the act - in cooperation with the Gardaí - and I hope it will serve as a warning to them to desist from damaging our vital life-saving equipment.”

The Irish-owned Response Group provides water and environmental services for both public and private clients throughout Ireland. Response offers a wide range of turnkey solutions for the water industry, based on its track record in the design, construction and operation of treatment plants and operating facilities.

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