RSK Group forms RSK Water


RSK Group has founded RSK Water in a concerted bid to establish itself in the UK water industry.

Operating from three regional bases - Cirencester, Glasgow and Derby - the company's network of engineers, scientists and project managers offer a comprehensive range of innovative, water industry-specific consultancy services - all of which are complemented by RSK Group's vast environmental capabilities.

The formation of RSK Water is the latest move in an RSK Group expansion drive that, since December 2006, has seen an increase in staff numbers by a dramatic 156% to 950 and a doubling of its turnover potential through ten strategic acquisitions and the start-up of six new companies.

Its stated ambition - to become one of the water industry's leading players - has already got off to a flying start with the recruitment of two known high-flying and pre-eminent industry experts.

Ruth Allen - former chief executive of leading water industry consultancy Ewan Group, director of the pioneering Water Research Centre (WRc) and a highly-respected voice in the water industry - joined RSK Group in September to establish RSK Water. After a formative period, she appointed fellow former Ewan Group director - Andrew Gunning - to the position of managing director of RSK Water in mid-April.

Both Allen and Gunning were highly influential in the Ewan Group's meteoric growth from a 2m to a 18m-business in just five years, before it was acquired by Mouchel in 2006.

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