Europe set for 50% recycling target


Recycling targets of 50% for household waste look set to become law across Europe.

The European Committee of permanent representatives - COREPER - has accepted wide-ranging revisions to the Waste Framework Directive set out by the European Parliament which also include a recycling target of 70% for construction and demolition waste. The revisions - including the 50% target - follow months of discussions over the draft directive.

Policies under the directive revisions also encourage waste prevention and separate bio-waste collections, which will give more emphasis to food waste treatment and composting and encourage products to be designed in an eco-friendly manner.

Other provisions include a new definition for some by-products produced through industrial processes to separate them from waste. However, the changes are smaller than some sectors have argued for.

Now, the draft directive needs only to be voted through at the plenary session of the European parliament on June 17-18 in order to become law.