One of largest UK wind farms to become tallest


ScottishPower Renewables and partner Eurus Energy are seeking to redevelop one of the UK's oldest wind farms in Powys, mid-Wales, in a project which will treble the energy output of the site.

Llandinam  was the largest wind farm in Europe when it was originally built in 1992. Now, a Section 36 Planning Application for the redevelopment of the existing wind farm has been submitted by CeltPower - a joint venture between ScottishPower Renewables and Eurus Energy.

The plan, if approved, will see a significant reduction of turbines on the site - from 103 to 42 - but the newly repowered wind farm will be capable of producing 96MW of clean green energy - a rise from the current output of 31MW - and will be able to power the equivalent of over 53,000 households.

The proposed turbines for the repowering of Llandinam wind farm will have a tip height of 122 metres (400 ft). Plans are also being made to recycle the old turbines by offering them to developers of renewable energy projects elsewhere in the UK and across to eastern Europe.

The layout of the new site has been shaped following consultation with a number of key stakeholders and is designed to minimise landscape and visual effects, whilst also minimising impact to birds and other wildlife.

Project Director David Walker said - "This is an important milestone in the development of renewable energy in the UK. The redevelopment of Llandinam will see the replanting of one of this country's first wind farms - which, at the time, was the largest in Europe.

"We aim to fully utilise the huge improvements in turbine technology over the last 15 years and realise the full potential of renewable energy from this excellent site - while reducing the number of turbines."