Bedminster secures planning permission for UK bioenergy facility


Bedminster International, the Dublin-based renewable energy waste company, has secured planning permission from Cheshire County Council for a BioEnergy facility in Northwich in a joint venture with Organic Waste Management.

The facility involves an investment of £35 million (€45 million) and will have a capacity to process 150,000 tonnes of waste per year. The Bedminster Technology will be used to separate the biodegradable fraction from waste for conversion into green renewable energy. Bedminster will be partnered in the joint venture by Organic Waste Management, a Cheshire-based company.

Bedminster is a leading company in the extraction and conversion of carbon-rich waste streams into renewable energy. The Bedminster Technology currently processes in excess of 1 million tonnes annually in 12 plants worldwide.

Bedminster International is headquartered in Dublin, with offices in Boston and London and owns the world rights to the patented Bedminster BioEnergy Technology.

Chairman and majority shareholder Mr. Bill McCabe said - “This joint venture agreement with Organic Waste Management is Bedminster’s first project in the UK. We are currently exploring a number of other significant opportunities there.”

Mr. McCabe’s investment is through his investment company - Oyster Technology - and Goldman Sachs is also a shareholder in Bedminster International.

Mr. Mike Brookes, Director, Organic Waste Management, said that the planning approval from Cheshire County Council for a BioEnergy facility is a major development for the company. Organic Waste Management has decades of experience in the waste, recycling and demolition sectors - offering services to both domestic customers and blue chip companies. The company is growing its market share in the recycling sector and this is proven by its recent investment in a state-of-the-art recycling centre at Wardle, Cheshire, which is currently achieving an impressive 90% recovery rate.

Mr. Pearse O’Kane Bedminster Chief Executive said - “The high biomass diversion levels - along with the generation of renewable energy and the negative carbon footprint of the facility - are of significant benefit to the UK government in achieving key waste, energy and carbon emission policy objectives.

“Reducing our carbon footprint is, perhaps, one of the most important steps we can take in diminishing damage to the environment. Tests show that for every tonne of waste processed by Bedminster, one tonne of CO2 equivalent is prevented from entering the atmosphere. Another way of looking at this is for every 100,000 tonnes of waste processed by Bedminster, this would be equivalent to taking more than 36,000 cars off the UK roads."

Commenting on the permission, Mike Brookes said - “The Bedminster Technology is a clean, safe and sustainable solution for waste producers, local government and the public alike. By using the Bedminster Solution, consumers will only need one bin and only one truck will be needed to collect all the rubbish. We look forward to discussing the project with the many waste producers and local authorities in the North of England to help them meet their obligations and to treat their waste at competitive rates. I believe that this will be the first of many such facilities in the UK.”

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