Ireland enters top 10 EU Road Safety Rating for the first time


Minister for Transport Noel Dempsey TD welcomed provisional figures released by the European Transport Safety Council that Ireland is now ranked among the top ten best performing EU countries in terms of road safety.

Ireland is now ranked 9th out of 25 EU countries.

Speaking at the European Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) conference in Dublin, Ministerl Dempsey said that much had been achieved in terms of reducing deaths on our roads. "We have made good progress in reducing road deaths in recent years, but we must never become complacent. Every death on our roads is tragic and avoidable. The core objective of the Government's new Road Safety Strategy is to save over 400 lives between now and 2012. This target is achievable if the current rate of reduction in road casualties is maintained. We will continue to work hard on making our roads safer.

"In 2001, the road death rate per million population in Ireland was 107. By 2007, the rate had fallen to 79 per million population - putting Ireland below the average EU road death rate of 86. Ireland ranked second highest amongst EU Member States in the reduction of road casualties in 2007. This year, we will continue to work hard to maintain this trend."