Bord Gáis to invest €10m in alternative energy research & development


Bord Gáis Chief Executive, John Mullins, has announced a significant investment of €10 million in the area of alternative energy research and development.

The announcement - made at the Cork Chamber Spring Networks Luncheon - comes on the crest of a new strategic era for Bord Gáis, as it plans to invest €750 million in the area of electricity and renewable energy (Click Here).

Speaking at the event, Mr Mullins said - "Climate change is a challenge that we must all meet. Continuing support for proven technologies - such as wind, biomass and solar - is important and Bord Gáis will be investing in these technologies in the coming years. However, there is also a need to support ongoing research in newer technologies - such as wave, tidal, fuel cells, micro CHP and biogas - so that our future energy requirements are secured in the most cost-effective and environmentally-sensitive way."

Mr Mullins added - "Bord Gáis has embraced the intentions of the Energy White Paper. We have a critical role as a leading energy concern to champion innovative gas utilisation, new low-carbon technologies and to support research, development and innovation in energy applications."

Mr. Mullins also highlighted the fact that Ireland currently has a shortage of engineers and scientists in its universities. "In particular, support must be given for 4th-level research across a number of economically important areas" - he said.

Bord Gáis intends - through the establishment of this research and development fund - to support an increase in the quantity and quality of research in alternative energies in Ireland's colleges. It also intends to invest in campus/technology companies in prototyping and bringing technologies to market.

One such collaboration, already underway, is with the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of University College Cork - through funding a PhD fellowship in energy research. The funded project will explore scenarios for compressed bio-methane/natural gas penetration against the context of Ireland's growing transport energy demand to 2020 and 2050.

"It is hoped that this new €10 million R&D investment will assist in the strengthening of our economy by providing necessary alternative sources of energy and through the development of pioneering engineering talent" - added Mr. Mullins.

Bord Gáis has stated that it would welcome submissions from indigenous technology companies, research and development foundations and colleges. To contact Bord Gáis in the first instance - Click Here