UK McDonald's turn waste into energy


Eleven McDonald's locations in the Sheffield area in the UK have completed a test program turning waste into energy and found it has helped reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

During the pilot period, the restaurants collected their waste to be incinerated instead of dumped in a landfill, according to the Telegraph newspaper. The restaurants were able to more than halve their waste disposal carbon footprint, cutting their carbon emissions by 54 percent.

Veolia Environmental Services collected the waste and took it to a nearby Energy Recovery Facility waste incinerator. Power generated from the waste was used to help heat and light local buildings - including Sheffield City Hall and a local hospital.

Carbon Trust helped to audit the project. The 11 pilot restaurants will continue to turn their waste into power and McDonald's will analyse how to implement the program at other locations.

McDonald's has been testing green projects at various restaurants around the world - including a geothermal project in the US and an effort to use cooking oil as fuel in the UK.