Sustainability of biomass: Achieving targets - maximising benefits


A conference addressing sustainability of biomass in the context of the renewable energy targets as detailed in the Irish energy white paper will take place on Friday 9 May 2008 at SEI, Glasnevin, Dublin.

With the theme - 'Achieving targets - maximising benefits' - the event is being organised jointly by IEA Bioenergy Task 29, Sustainable Energy Ireland and Tipperary Institute. The conference is primarily aimed at those involved in policy and the development of bioenergy.

IEA Bioenergy helps promote the use of environmentally sound and cost-competitive bioenergy on a sustainable basis. The aim of Task 29 is to achieve a better understanding of the social and economic drivers and impacts of establishing bioenergy markets at the local, regional, national and international level.

The conference will investigate ways in which the targets set out by the Irish Energy White Paper - Delivering a Sustainable Energy Future for Ireland - published in 2007 can be achieved while maximising benefits and ensuring a commitment to local, national and international sustainability.

Questions which will be raised include -

  • How can we maximise the benefits of bioenergy, while minimising the downsides?
  • What are the carbon and biodiversity impacts of converting Irish grassland to energy crops?
  • What is the best way of using indigenous wood energy resources?
  • Does Ireland need to develop national sustainability criteria and certification systems for bioenergy?
  • How do we move these issues forward?

To download the conference Programme - Click Here

The event is free of charge.
To reserve a place, contact Clifford Guest, Tipperary Institute, Thurles, Co Tipperary, Ireland - Email: [email protected]