N.I. Minister launches car-share day 2008


Northern Ireland Regional Development Minister Conor Murphy has urged employers to set up car share schemes to ease congestion in busy towns and cities across the north.

Speaking as he launched Car Share Day 2008 at Queen's University, the minister praised the University for its efforts in joining forces with Travelwise NI to encourage more commuters to car-share. The Minister said - "Since Queen's set up its Car-Share Club, it already has 144 registered members and has saved 62,546 miles of travel - equating to £6,255 and 19 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

"The University's proactive approach to sustainable travel is evidenced through its implementation of an institutional Travel Plan in 2005. The Travel Plan aims to promote all forms of sustainable travel of which car sharing is a key component. Not only is the support of Queen's University, as a major local employer, extremely important, but it will also help to alert more young people, in particular, to the growing importance of sustainable transport in today's society.

"Commuters are spending more and more time in their vehicles due to traffic congestion, so there is a real and urgent need to reduce the volume of cars on our roads. This event aims to show that car-sharing can help cut traffic levels and journey times as well as reduce the negative environmental and financial impact of car travel. I would strongly encourage employers and commuters to take advantage of these benefits and set-up their own car-share schemes."

Queen's University President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Peter Gregson said he hoped the launch would boost student and staff participation levels in the car-share scheme.

Queen's Students' Union President John Roger said that the case for car-sharing was very convincing and that students needed to be persuaded of its benefits to encourage higher participation levels.

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