Electric cars in Denmark


DONG Energy and California-based Project Better Place have announced a signed letter of intent aimed at reducing CO2 emissions from the Danish car fleet.

Together with Project Better Place, DONG Energy will work on the further development of a project to give Danish consumers access to buying environmentally friendly electric vehicles (EVs) at attractive prices.

Within the next few years, Better Place Denmark is to introduce environmentally friendly, battery driven EVs to the streets of Denmark. Offering at least the same road-holding qualities as fuel-based cars, EVs produce zero emission of CO2 and other exhaust gases.

"With this project, we hope to contribute substantially to reducing CO2 emissions from Danish cars. At the same time, we will achieve a new way of storing the unstable electricity output from wind turbines, as EVs are typically charged during the night, when the exploitation of power generation is low. This provides optimum exploitation of our resources for the benefit of the environment" - says Anders Eldrup, CEO of DONG Energy.

Through the Project Better Place and Renault-Nissan Alliance partnership announced last January, Renault will provide Better Place Denmark with the electric vehicles - thus achieving the objective of zero emissions while, at the same time, offering driving performances similar to a gasoline engine. Nissan, through its joint venture with NEC of Japan, has created an advanced lithium-ion battery pack that meets the requirements of the electric vehicle and will be mass-produced.

The initial contact between Project Better Place and DONG Energy was originated by Invest In Denmark. Both businesses are members of the Copenhagen Climate Council, a forum of leading business representatives, researchers and media persons from all parts of the world working on establishing a global agreement at the climate summit in Copenhagen and developing innovative solutions to climate challenges.