Dublin Transport Authority's work must begin


Welcoming the launch of the bill to establish the Dublin Transport Authority (DTA), IBEC Transport Executive Paul Sweetman said - "The Greater Dublin Area has waited 22 years for the DTA. With the DTA bill published, focus must move to getting the bill through the Dáil, followed by the rapid commencement of the DTA's work."

He added - "The greater Dublin area is overwhelmed with chronic congestion - reflecting generations of under-investment and poor planning. Daily gridlock is seriously hampering the efficient movement of both people and goods, particularly to and from the capital's port and airport. While still below the European average for car ownership, the average peak-hour speed in Dublin city is 13 km/hr. In stark contrast, vehicles travel at an average speed of 40 km/hr in Cologne and 27 km/hr in Belfast. In Ireland, public transport accounts for only 10% of the commutes to and from work.

"Money and plans to correct Dublin's transport problems are in place. Leadership to deliver is now required. The DTA is identified as a lead authority in many government policy papers - including the most recent consultation document on sustainable travel and transport. Given the scale of investment plans contained in Transport 21 for the greater Dublin area, commencement of the DTA's work is critical.

"The DTA will consolidate efforts to deliver an integrated transport network for the city, which will, ultimately, bolster business competitiveness and provide a sustainable transport system. IBEC is concerned that, should the Authority's establishment stall, the much-needed developments set out in Transport 21 will not be implemented."