Retail giants to help offset one million tons of carbon by 2012


More than 1,500 major retailers have partnered with a new website to help UK shoppers offset one million tons of carbon by 2012.

New consumer community portal will buy carbon credits over the next four years in its Million Ton Carbon Offset Campaign. Shoppers simply log onto froggybank before buying from big name stores as normal.

Some of the retailers that sell through the site include Currys, Comet, Marks & Spencer, Tesco and John Lewis.

froggybank is supported by 44 staff at its parent company eDeals UK Ltd. In total, they look after 500,000 shoppers. Marketing manager Nadeem Azam said - “The beauty of froggybank is that you still buy from your favourite stores online and pay the same prices - and, without any effort, you are taking proactive action to offset your impact on the environment.

“We estimate an average family can offset their entire carbon emissions for the year just by making all their online purchases through froggybank. It will take less than 1% of UK people buying online to switch to froggybank to reach this million ton target.”

Not only can shoppers help save the planet for free every time they buy anything online, they can also earn hundreds of pounds back into their pockets. is paid a referral commission for sending shoppers to retail websites. It is the only portal in the world which pays 100% of the commission back to its members and allows them to offset carbon. They can choose to offset more carbon, donate it to charity or keep the money. The website deducts a modest £5 from the members’ earnings as an admin fee and to pay for the carbon credits. It is heavily subsidised by its parent company’s other operations.

Nadeem added - “In these uncertain economic times, cashback shopping is becoming a more and more popular way for people to reduce the cost of their online purchases. Now, with the arrival of froggybank, they can use the same concept to actually do something to help the planet and other good causes.”

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