UK - Marketers get advice from new environmental working group


In the UK, a new high level working group is advising advertisers on green issues.

ISBA, the voice of British advertisers, has invited leading figures from across the industry to join its new sustainability working group. Members include the COI, Unilever, British Gas, BP, Marks and Spencer, Diageo, Virgin, and others.

The group is exploring the major questions facing marketers around how to integrate the sustainability dimension into both their marketing communications strategy and their procurement of marketing services.

Its launch comes at a time when environmental advertising claims - and complaints about them - are on the rise. The group has grown since its first meeting in October and has already -

  • Published guidance for advertisers on the green claims they can make in ads about their products and companies
  • Begun an inquiry into sustainable procurement of marketing services
  • Hosted a green marketing panel at the ISBA Annual Conference.

Ian Twinn, ISBA's Director of Public Affairs, said - "ISBA established this new group because it is our firm belief that going green is no longer an option for marketers - it is an imperative.

"Advertisers who have taken steps to make their company or products greener, naturally want to share this good news with consumers. But failure to think through and implement coherent sustainability strategies will put companies at a competitive disadvantage and invite unwelcome regulatory attention."