Stewartstown man fined 3,000 for waste offences


In Northern Ireland, Mr Derek Henry (50) of Annaghone Road, Stewartstown has been sentenced for two charges of breaches of waste management legislation.

He had been found guilty at Dungannon Magistrates' court on 8 November 2007 and, following his conviction, was ordered to clear the site to the Department's satisfaction before sentencing.

Mr Henry was found guilty of two charges of illegally keeping waste and fined £1,000 and £500, respectively. Additionally, he was found guilty of two charges of depositing waste and was fined £1,000 and £500 respectively (a total of £ 3,000) plus court costs.

On 16 November 2005, Environment and Heritage Service (EHS) officers had visited the Annaghone Road site, adjacent to the Inneval Railway walk. Mr Henry was contacted and agreed to clean up the area of waste they discovered. EHS officers returned on 23 February 2006, 14 June 2006 and 2 August 2006 - on each occasion, more waste was on site.

The site contained approximately 360 tonnes of waste - including dead animals, plastic, car tyres, tin cans, toys, bricks, slates, car parts, green waste cuttings and wood. A dig of the site also revealed black foaming leachate.