Ecoports welcomes the port of Shannon as new member


As of April 2008, the port of Shannon in Ireland has become an official Ecoports member.

Shannon is now the fourth active Ecoports partner in Ireland - together with Cork, Dublin and the Killybegs Harbour centre.

EcoPorts Foundation (EPF) is a non-profit organisation established in 1999 by a group of 8 large European ports for the benefit of ports and port communities.

The primary purpose of EPF is to act as network platform. This enables European Port Communities to exchange environmentally effective solutions and work together in collaborative projects - addressing sustainability issues in ports and related to the logistic chain. The EcoPorts knowledge, network, products and services are available for all Network Partners.

The ultimate goal of the EPF is to create a level playing-field in Europe in port-related sustainable management issues and to stimulate proactive behaviour of ports as regards sustainable management within the wider port area and logistic chain.

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