Motorists concerned over new VRT system


Some 88 percent of Irish motorists have said that enough has not been done to inform consumers about the new vehicle registration tax (VRT) system, a recent survey shows.

The survey, carried out by online car parts retailer with 450 motorists, also revealed that just one in three motorists (34 percent) are aware of the level of carbon emissions from their vehicles.

The survey revealed that 78 percent of motorists check the price of fuel in a filling station before choosing a petrol station (15 percent said sometimes, 7 percent said never) and 81 percent said that they worry about the price of fuel. Ninety-two percent of respondents shop around and compare prices before buying car parts and accessories - with 66 percent of respondents saying that they request a breakdown of parts and labour when they get a quote from their garage.

Twenty-five percent of drivers said that the daily running cost is the most annoying aspect about driving in Ireland, with the same percentage pointing to the condition of roads, 15 percent quoting ongoing road works, 13 percent said VRT, 9 percent said the cost of servicing and 7 percent qouting road rage.

Fifty-six percent of respondents said that their commuting time to work has increased in the past year, with one in three motorists (32 percent) now spending more than two hours in their cars each day - up from 23 percent in a similar survey in 2006. Thirty-four percent spend between one and two hours and 15 percent of motorists spend more than three hours in their car each day.

Thirty-six percent of motorists who shop online said that the main reason they shop over the internet is because it allows them to shop around/do a price comparison (this was up from 15 percent in a similar survey conducted in 2006).

On the issue of road safety, the survey revealed that more than one in three drivers (38 percent) admitted to using their mobile phone without a hands-free kit in the past month. Eighty-two percent of drivers feel that random breath testing is a deterrent to drink driving and half of all drivers surveyed said that they believe Irish drivers have become more conscious of road safety over the past year.