HP workstation line scores gold


HP's entire workstation line has taken home the gold for its energy efficiency and recyclability, the company announced recently.

The company scored a Gold rating based on the guidelines of the Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT), making HP the largest holder of EPEAT Gold registered products.

The workstations were built from the ground up with an 80 PLUS power supply, which consumes up to 15 percent less energy and lowers overall energy usage and waste heat. All workstations are more than 90 percent recyclable by weight and the company offers a take-back program for used equipment.

Workstations are typically used for design purposes in the graphic arts, engineering, manufacturing and finance industries, among others. HP's Gold-registered Workstations include the HP xw4550 Workstation, HP xw4600 Workstation, HP xw6600 Workstation, HP xw8600 Workstation and the HP xw9400 Workstation.

"Our new generation of HP Workstations was designed from the inside out with the environment in mind" - John Thompson, vice president and general manager of HPs workstations global business unit, said in a statement. "Customers will find these workstations not only to be the most innovative performance machines for the most demanding of applications, but also the best choice for the environmentally conscious professional."