Creating Sustainable Communities in Dublin


One of the key challenges facing Dublin City is to provide for a level of development that will accommodate the needs of its future populations, as well as being conducive to the economic growth of the city.

Experience from Europe and abroad suggests that population density and intensification is a key element in sustaining future growth. Dublin will need to increase population density and development intensity if it is to succeed in this goal of providing for the continued growth of the city region.

A second - equally challenging - goal is to ensure that this future growth is planned so that it caters for the social and cultural needs of our local communities.

'Maximising the City’s Potential - Creating Sustainable Communities in Dublin' is a conference on the future development of Dublin City and will take place in the Croke Park Conference Centre on April 22nd 2008.

The Conference brings together a diverse range of keynote speakers to engage in meaningful dialogue with the conference participants on the future development of the city, through its social, community, economic and urban design sectors.

The Conference is aimed at the city’s Residents, Communities, Businesses and Elected Representatives. The proceedings will inform the City Council in determining the extent and form of any future variation to the current City Development Plan.

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