Former managers undertake not to use files of former employer


The Irish Independent has reported that five former managers of a waste company who went into competition with their ex-employer have promised not to use confidential information allegedly taken by one of them before he left, the High Court heard.

The undertakings were given by senior managers of Mr Binman, Grange, Co Limerick, on information allegedly wrongly downloaded by one of them before he left the company. A similar undertaking was also given by their new employer - One51 of Thomas Street, Dublin.

The undertakings mean that an injunction application by Mr Binman to prevent the information being used, did not proceed. A separate action relating to allegations that the five conspired with One51 to take over Mr Binman will proceed later.

Mr Binman - the largest domestic waste company in the mid-west - claims the five managers immediately began business in competition with it after they all left the company on the same day last January. It claims they are conspiring with One51 to takeover Mr Binman's business.

Mr Binman also claims that the five are now employed at a company operating from premises on the Ballysimon Road in Limerick - controlled or supervised by One51 - which has a range of business interests and had unsuccessfully sought to buy Mr Binman last year.

It is alleged that the information downloaded included personal data protected by the Data Protection Acts and involving personal banking details of 50,000 domestic customers. In earlier applications, the court heard that One51 had - in March 2006 - sought to buy all or a substantial part of Mr Binman's business, but was told that the company was not interested in selling. The five managers had left the company last January in circumstances about which Mr Binman had no intimation, it is claimed.

Source - The Irish Independent