Greens to vote on changing number plates


The Sunday Business Post has reported that delegates at the Green Party annual conference next weekend will consider a motion to remove the year of manufacture from vehicle registration plates and replace it with the energy rating of the vehicle.

Mary White, the Green Party TD for Carlow-Kilkenny, said a change to the registration plates would remove the status attached to purchasing new cars. "There’s so much status attached to an 08 car. But if we remove the date and replace it with an energy efficiency rating of the vehicle, then we would reduce the pressure to sell old but efficient cars and promote the purchase of new cars that are fuel-efficient" - she said.

Under the proposal, registration plates would retain the county code and would be "cleverly calibrated as a useful gauge of fuel-efficiency" - said White, whose own car runs on plant oil. The new registration model will be unveiled at the party conference.

As Minister for the Environment, the Green Party leader is responsible for vehicle registrations as part of his environment and local government portfolio. The party’s three-day conference in Dundalk will also vote on a motion calling for wind farms to be fast-tracked through the planning system as priority projects.

This motion, which comes from energy minister Eamon Ryan’s Dublin South constituency, is likely to be hotly debated. Planning for wind farms is frequently blocked by objections on grounds of their impact in environmentally sensitive areas.