Antrim heads energy-saving league


County Antrim residents are the most committed to making lifestyle changes to save energy in the home, the Energy Saving Trust has revealed.

The residents of County Fermanagh, however, were least enthusiastic about making changes, the survey found.

Commitments to help fight climate change were made by 103,000 households in Northern Ireland. If Antrim residents honour their promises, they will save over 900,000 a year on fuel bills.

The trust, which was set up to mitigate the damaging effects of climate change and cut carbon dioxide emissions, said the Antrim savings would equal the annual fuel bills of 1,000 homes. Even though Fermanagh was bottom of the table, the trust said residents could still save more than 83,000 on fuel bills, cutting carbon emissions by 570 tonnes annually.

Noel Williams head of the trust in Northern Ireland said everyone should follow the example of Antrim residents who were committed to making lifestyle changes. "If everyone in Northern Ireland who committed, honours their promises, collectively they will save around 2.7m a year, which is enough CO2 a year to fill 110,000 double-decker buses - nearly 19,000 tonnes" - he said.