AQS releases report on office equipment emissions


A new report from Air Quality Services Inc. (AQS) aims to help the public understand the indoor contaminants produced by standard office equipment - such as printers, computers and fax machines.

The report - 'Meeting Green: The Office Equipment Industry's Guide to Managing Product Emissions' - includes reviews of third-party green certification programs, as well as information about the health effects from associated office equipment emissions.

For instance, desktop and notebook computers can emit low doses of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), while printers and photocopiers can emit ultrafine particles. VOCs can cause eye, throat and nose irritation, while inhaling particulates can also increase the risk for respiratory infections.

The report is also geared toward manufacturers, the company said.

"Manufacturers are finding that creating products that meet specific eco-criteria can be an important differentiator in the marketplace" - said Marilyn Black, the chief scientist at AQS.

"Some manufacturers are going a step further and demonstrating compliance by earning third-party certification from GREENGUARD or Blue Angel. Results from AQS studies examining product emissions, not only help manufacturers create safer products, but also greatly assist them in achieving certification."

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