Cork Docklands development essential - CIF


The redevelopment of Cork's Docklands has the potential to transform the city, but needs incentives similar to those enjoyed in Dublin, Tom Parlon, director general of the Construction Industry Federation said.

In a statement, Mr Parlon continued - "In September of last year, Cork City Council sent a detailed submission to the Government seeking development initiatives for the Cork Docklands, which the CIF fully supports. The absence, however, of any mention of the Cork Docklands Development in December's Budget and the subsequent Finance Bill in February of this year represents a missed opportunity for Cork.

"I will be meeting with CIF member companies from throughout Cork City and County, who have a keen interest in this project. Having seen the benefits of such initiatives with the development of the Docklands in Dublin, there is a fantastic opportunity for the Government to replicate the success achieved in Dublin, here in Cork. In partnership with the Government, the Cork Docklands can become a flagship project for Cork City Council and I'll continue to make the case for specific development initiatives in meetings with Government representatives and officials.

"Back in November, the Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern formally established the Cork Docklands Development Forum, which is charged with overseeing and driving the development of the Cork Docklands area. While this is a most welcome development and certainly a step in the right direction - which we, in the CIF, welcomed - we are extremely disappointed that no member of CIF has been appointed to it.

" This is all the more surprising as CIF member companies will play a huge part in the construction of the Docklands and would bring first-hand knowledge to the Forum, of what is required."