Meeting Dublin's Water Needs -the Shannon or Pricing?


In his latest monthly article on environmental issues, Professor Frank J. Convery, Chairperson of Comhar Sustainable Development Council (SDC), highlights the need for immediate action to prevent future water shortages in Ireland.

He looks at some of the solutions being put forward by policymakers such as shipping water from the west coast of Ireland to the east and argues that charging for water would make more sense.

Whenever we think we are running out of something whether it is oil, atmospheric capacity to absorb greenhouse gases, hospital beds, water or road space the universal human impulse is to first see if we can increase the supply and capacity. Making better use of what we already have demand-side management struggles to get onto political, personal and corporate agendas.

Water will be the new oil and societies will thrive or fail, in large part, on the basis of how smartly they address supply and demand. Unless we take action, the Greater Dublin Area will run short of water in less than 10 years. Current policy focuses only on one real option to pipe water 105 kilometres from Lough Ree on the river Shannon to Dublin.

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