Gormley launches 'Skilling Up for Powerdown' Symposium in the Cultivate Centre


Mr. John Gormley, T.D., Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government launched the 'Skilling Up for Powerdown' Symposium in the Cultivate Centre, Temple Bar.

The Symposium was part of Cultivate's Convergence Sustainable Living Festival, which took place over the weekend. The Festival is the thirteenth organised by Cultivate and centres on the theme of Post Carbon Cities, Transition Towns and Eco-Villages.

"A key theme in the Cultivate Programme is the need for action at all levels" - Minister Gormley said. "There is a vital contribution to be made by individuals and communities - however small - in meeting the challenges of climate change and overreliance on fossil fuels. Tackling the issue of climate change is a key priority for the Green Party in government. The National Climate Change Strategy and the Joint Programme for Government emphasises our commitment to taking the necessary action."

The Minister added - "the Government's public awareness and communications campaign in relation to climate change emphasises the need for behaviour change and the Government plan is to work closely with each sector in the economy - both public and private - and with communities and individuals to create change."

Programmes such as Powerdown, which has been developed alongside the 'Transition Town' initiative, fully support the aim of reducing carbon emissions and building local resilience.