Repak Recycling Awards 2008

The Repak Recycling Awards recognise the efforts and ingenuity of the Repak Industry Members, Local Authorities and Collectors in the area of packaging prevention, reuse and recycling.

Glenisk Organic Dairy has been awarded the Repak Best Practice Award for outstanding achievements in the reduction of Packaging Waste.

Glenisk was one of eleven winners which were presented with their awards by the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, John Gormley TD, in recognition of their environmental best practices at the 7th Annual Repak Recycling Awards ceremony in the Four Seasons Hotel in Dublin.

The awards were presented as part of Repak Recycling Week 2008 at the 7th Annual Repak Awards ceremony.

The Awards serve to recognise and commend both businesses and schools that are exemplars in packaging minimisation, prevention and recycling and that are actively seeking to make a difference to recycling and to the environment in Ireland.

Commenting, Dr Andrew Hetherington, CEO Repak said - “We are delighted to see the range and quality of initiatives undertaken by Irish business and schools increase this year. Over the last number of years we have implemented a number of programmes to help increase recycling rates and also to improve packaging prevention measures, which have resulted in financial and environmental gains for these companies.

"In order for Ireland to meet its ever increasing recycling rates, we need to be innovative in all areas of packaging development, usage, design, manufacture, reduction and recycling.”

The awards were sponsored by RPS Consulting, Manvik, Tetra Pak, Rehab Recycling, the Environmental Protection Agency and Arthur Cox Solicitors.

Other winners on the night included Glenlo Abbey for their innovative ‘Packaging Free Breakfast’ and Wicklow County Council for their installation of a charity shop on the site of their Civic Amenity Centre to allow for the re-use of discarded household items that arrive at the centre.

Additional award winners included technology companies Symantec and Microsoft. Symantec increased their recycling rate up to 80% and increased their online product sales to over 3 million products, resulting in the prevention of 345.6 metric tonnes of paper, plastic and cardboard packaging.

Microsoft redesigned their Mac Office packaging in 2007 which reduced the packaging weight by 70%, leading to a reduction of 210 tonnes of packaging, which resulted in a 30% reduction in number of trucks needed to deliver the same product.

The awards judges included - Hugh Stevens of Enterprise Ireland, Andy Fanning of the EPA, Alan Sherlock of the SFA, Roger Gillespie of KPMG, Danielle Conaghan of Arthur Cox and journalist Fearghal O’Connor.


Awards Winners

Repak Member of the Year 2008
Sponsored by Arthur Cox

Symantec Ireland is the Irish operation of this major US multinational - a global leader in the field of IT security - and employs over 1,000 people at its state-of-the-art facility in Blanchardstown, outside Dublin.

L-R: Minister John Gormley; Siobhan Conneally, Amanda Davis, Austin McCabe, Raquel Alonso, Symantec; Danielle Conaghan, Arthur Cox; Andrew Hetherington, CEO Repak

The company has invested heavily in implementing best practice procedures in all areas of waste management and identified 26 separate waste streams in its 2007 waste programme.

They list Corporate and Social Responsibility as a core value of the company and are immensely proud of their record in this regard. Symantec brought their recycling rate up to a commendable 80% in 2007.

Symantec are exemplary members of Repak and are previous winners of the Repak Prevention Award in 2006 and were runners-up for the Member of the Year Award last year.

In 2007, Symantec continued to expand their online download service, where customers could purchase antivirus software without any accompanying packaging. Over 3 million products were bought online in 2007. This resulted in the prevention of 345.6 metric tones of paper, plastic and cardboard packaging. The estimate of financial savings for this product is many millions of Euro in 2007.

Recent projects have including moving from a carton style pack to a much smaller DVD style pack and reducing the size and amount of cardboard in the remaining cartons.

Other Finalists in this Category included -

  • Glanbia Ingredients Ltd - Virginia, Co. Cavan
  • Heatons Ltd - Department Stores.


Repak Best practice Award 2008 - Hospitality Sector
Sponsored by Rehab

The Glenlo Abbey Hotel is a luxury, family-run boutique hotel in Bushypark, Co.Galway.

The Hotel has 46 bedrooms, a fine dining restaurant, bar, extensive banqueting facilities and a nine-hole golf course. This five-star hotel provides the feeling of relaxation in luxurious surroundings.

The Hotel has an excellent waste management structure in place that involves all the staff and prides itself in fulfilling and indeed, going beyond, its statutory obligations.

This comprehensive approach has seen The Glenlo Abbey work in conjunction with Galway County Council in order to tutor other businesses in the locality on their waste management methods.

L-R: Minister John Gormley; Eimear Killian, Brian Bourke, Glenlo Abbey Hotel; Bob Rowatt, Rehab; Andrew Hetherington, CEO Repak

They have introduced a range of impressive waste prevention initiatives, including introducing the 'Packaging Free Breakfast' which has eradicated the need for butter and jam packaging, receiving food deliveries in bulk and providing clearly marked recycle bins in guest rooms.

The hotel constantly strives to achieve the very highest standards in recycling and have been steadily increasing their recycling rate over the past number of years. The Glenlo Abbey Hotel has an absolute commitment to very highest standards waste management - a policy that it pursues with vigour and great enthusiasm.

Other Finalists in this Category included -

  • The Clarion, Cork
  • The Tower Hotel.


Repak Best Practice Award 2008
Sponsored by EPA

Glenisk have been producing organic yogurt and milk in Offaly for more than twelve years.

L-R: Minister John Gormley; Mark Cleary, Evelyn Cleary, Glenisk; Andy Fanning, EPA; Gerard Cleary, Glenisk; Andrew Hetherington, CEO Repak

They have a vision for an organic Ireland where the future health and wellbeing of all our children is assured.

Glenisk have decided to make their packaging as environmentally sustainable as possible, to complement their organic product range. They continuously seek methods of improving their packaging materials while producing new designs and product innovations for their customers.

They have, as a result of many of their projects, reduced the amount of plastic packaging they use from 33% in 2006, to 12% in 2007.

They are also, where possible, replacing PS packaging with PET packaging - the latter being more readily recycled in Ireland than PS.

Other Finalists in this Category included -

  • Bulmers Ltd
  • Tesco Ireland.


Best Packaging Prevention Initiative Award 2008
Sponsored by EPA

Microsoft first opened its doors in Ireland in 1985 with a small manufacturing facility.

Since then, Microsoft Ireland has grown to encompass four distinct operations at its campus in Sandyford and employs over 1,900 full-time staff.

Microsoft re-designed their Mac Office packaging in 2007 using less material and reducing the weight of the pack by 70% and the volume by 69%.

The production of these units led to a reduction of 210 tonnes of packaging in 2007, a 320% increase in pallet utilisation, resulting in 30% less trucks being needed to deliver the same product.

L-R: Minister John Gormley; Martin Duggan, Caroline Peelo, Microsoft; Andy Fanning, EPA; Andrew Hetherington, CEO Repak

Other Finalists in this Category included -

  • McDonalds
  • Glanbia.


Repak Excellence Award 2008
Sponsored by Arthur Cox

The Repak Excellence Award recognises and honours Irish companies which have demonstrated outstanding achievements in the environmental field.

L-R: Minister John Gormley; Chris Martin, Group MD; Danielle Conaghan, Arthur Cox; John Curran, Group Env Mgr; Andrew Hetherington, CEO Repak
The Musgrave Group, Ireland's largest grocery distributor, has demonstrated strong leadership in the protection of the environment through its strategy to address crucial environmental concerns.

This is achieved through recycling, packaging reduction and sustainable energy use.

The award recognises the substantial support which the Musgrave Group has made to Repak's best practice programmes through membership of the Packaging Prevention Steering Group, participation in best practice seminars and case studies and support for the Repak Recycling Awards.


Repak Recovery Operator of the Year 2008 - Large Company
Sponsored by Tetra Pak

Thornton's Recycling was founded in 1979 by the late Padraig Thornton and has waste collection services in Dublin, Meath and Kildare in the domestic, public and private sectors.

The company employs over 280 staff, handling 350,000 tonnes of waste per annum across sites in Dublin, Kildare and Meath.

They have a large Material Recovery Facility based at Killeen Road and have encompassed a number of different areas of waste management - including servicing Civic Amenity Sites for local authorities, composting, End of Life Vehicles, confidential shredding and Liquid waste business.

In addition, the company also operates material sorting and contract marketing of dry recyclables for Cork County Council and Galway County Council.

L-R: Minister John Gormley; Paul Kelly, Tetra Pak; Mercedes Feeley, Paul Thornton, Shane Thornton, Garry Brady, Thorntons; Andrew Hetherington, CEO Repak

A rigorous procedure is in place for the exporting of all dry recyclables which complies with the Trans Frontier Shipment Directive and all relevant legislation and which also includes quality checks and photographing of materials before leaving the site.

Thorntons Recycling ensures that there is full 'cradle to the grave' reporting and accountability in place at all times for the export of all dry recyclable materials. The company operates to high international standards for Quality and Health & Safety - together with environment management - and has recently been accredited with ISO standards 9000, 1400 and 18001.

Other Finalists in this Category included -

  • Greenstar Limited
  • Panda Waste Services.


Repak Recovery Operator of the Year 2008 - Small/Medium Company
Sponsored by Manvik

Clean Ireland Recycling is a recovery operator based in the Mid-West in Creegh, Kilrush, Co. Clare.

L-R: Minister John Gormley; Michael O'Donoghue, Clean Ireland; Declan Murray, MD, Manvik; Paddy Hedigan, Clean Ireland; Andrew Hetherington, CEO Repak
The company is a family-run business owned by two brothers - Michael and John O' Donoghue. Established in 1991, it employs 60 staff and provides a full range of waste management services to both domestic and commercial customers.

With a strong focus in technology, it has invested in tracking and traceability equipment that is installed in all its collection vehicles.

Clean Ireland Recycling also provides services in the public sector at the five Civic Amenity Sites in the Clare County Council region. These include - Ballyduff Beg Inagh, Lisdeen, Scariff, Ennis and the newly-opened Shannon CAS.

The company also services bring sites in the Limerick City and County areas - collecting steel cans and collecting plastic bottles.

Other Finalists in this Category included -

  • D.G.D. Papers Ltd
  • McElvaney Waste & Recycling.


Repak Civic Amenity/Recycling Center of the Year 2008
Sponsored by RPS Group

The Bray Recycling Centre is located in an industrial zoned estate. The Center is housed completely indoors having taken over the use of the building from the previous owners/tenants - a chemical company that ceased trading. It is the fifth link in a chain of recycling facilities managed by Wicklow County Council.

The total catchment area is circa 50,000. The site experiences up to 3,000 vehicles per week using the site. The popularity of the site is due to the range of material accepted, including difficult material such as Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).

The facility is very innovative in that all waste is collected entirely indoors within a 20,000 square foot area of industrial space. The design of the centre, with its spacious layout, together with the assistance of trolleys to move large items from householder's vehicles, has been very successful.

Materials accepted at the centre, include all the regular dry recyclables packaging waste - such as glass bottles, aluminium & steel cans, plastic bottles and wrapping. Other materials accepted include WEEE, batteries, light bulbs, mobile phones and textiles.

Over 1,700 tones of recyclables were processed through the centre in 2007, of which nearly 40% was packaging waste.

Health & Safety is an integral part of the centre for both the public & staff through its layout, plus signage. Loading and unloading of recyclables from large vehicles is kept away from the general public.

L-R: Minister John Gormley; Edward Sheehy, County Manager; PJ Rudden, RPS Group; Byran Doyle, Wicklow Co Co; Andrew Hetherington, CEO Repak

The centre uses a large semi-automatic baler that produces mill size bales, adding value to recyclables and reducing the need for storage space.

Another feature of the centre is the location of an on-site charity shop - 'The Five Loaves' - which generates revenue through promoting reuse of household items - e.g. clothing, etc. The funds raised are put back into local social needs programmes - e.g. homeless, etc.

The centre also incorporates a resource centre for school teachers, as well as a conference centre and workshop venue. There are many other initiatives insitu - such as a second-hand schoolbook shop, a book and video exchange and a compost display area.

Other Finalists in this Category included -

  • Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown Co Co - Ballyogan Recycling Park (BRP)
  • Clare County Council - the Shannon Civic Amenity Site (CAS).


Repak Local Authority of the Year 2008
Sponsored by Rehab

Fingal County Council's administrative area encompasses 88,000 households and services a local population of 240,000 approx.

L-R: Minister John Gormley; Joe Corr, Fingal Co Co; Michael O'Donovan, Mayor of Fingal; David O'Connor, Co Manager; Bob Rowatt, Rehab; Andrew Hetherington, CEO Repak

The authority demonstrates an all-round good performance in terms of availability of local collection facilities for the general public to bring dry recyclables to.

Packaging waste that is difficult to manage - such as Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) - is now accepted at their Civic Amenity Site. The collected EPS material is sent to Rehab Recycle at the Navan facility for further processing.

In 2007, the bring collection system yielded 11% more recycled tonnage than the previous year. All households within Fingal are serviced by kerbside collections for dry recyclables and residual waste collection.

This service has now been expanded to include a third bin - compost.

Enforcement of the waste packaging regulations is good. New 'Major Producer' companies within the council area - once informed of their obligations by the enforcement unit of the council - demonstrate compliance by joining Repak or self-complying without the need to resort to prosecutions.

Awareness, education and marketing programmes undertaken by the Council are exemplary. The council partners with Repak in joint campaigns as well as undertaking specific campaigns such as Fingal Beach Clean Up, Anti-litter campaigns and an active participation in the Green Schools programme.

Other Finalists in this Category included -

  • Louth County Council
  • Galway City Council.


Repak Best Practice Award 2008 - Independent Retail
Sponsored by Rehab

Murphy's SuperValu Supermarket in the port town of Castletownbere is run by Lorraine Murphy, a daughter of the proprietor.

Lorraine and her well-trained staff go the extra mile to drive recycling rates to new and dizzy heights and have achieved a superb recycling rate of 90% in 2007. They also managed to keep the increase in their waste costs to a net 3% whilst waste volumes climbed by 7%.

Other environmental initiatives include operating a paperless office, all store lighting is on timers, all doors are self-closing - saving heat - and fridge lighting is on timers.

They also constantly promote in-store - 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle' - and entered a float in local parade based on this theme, which won first prize.

L-R: Minister John Gormley; Teresa Ryan, SuperValu; Bob Rowatt, Rehab; Nora Nash, SuperValu; Andrew Hetherington, CEO Repak

Other Finalists in this Category included -

  • Quish's SuperValu, Ballincollig, Co. Cork
  • McInerney's Supervalu Supermarket, Loughrea, Co. Galway.


Repak Recycling School of the Year 2008
(in association with An Taisce)

Tashinny National School is a three teacher primary school in Longford with 44 students.

L-R: Minister John Gormley; Yvonne McHugh, Elspeth Hall, Tashinny NS; Cathy Baxter, An Taisce; Andrew Hetherington, CEO Repak
With Principal Elspeth Hall and Green-Schools Coordinator Yvonne McHugh leading the way, they have been involved in An Taisce's Green-Schools programme since 1999 and have been awarded a very impressive four Green Flags for their work on environmental issues.

Recycling has been a way of life in this school since they commenced the Green-Schools programme eight years ago. They carry out a waste review at the start of every term and then introduce various recycling projects.

They use scrap paper and junk mail in the classrooms for drawing and cutting activities.

Unused paper is shredded and used for bedding for a family of rabbits. Paper was also used in a wormery, as the worms enjoy eating damp shredded paper. All banana skins, apple cores, orange peels and tea bags are composted and used in the school gardens. Batteries, milk cartons, clothes, shoes, bags, bed linen, mobile phones and ink cartridges are all recycled in the school. Boxes, plastic bottles, toilet roll tubes, newspapers and Christmas cards are used in Art & Craft classes to make all sorts of wonderful creations.

This school used to keep hens and make a hen-run out of old election posters - they are hoping to bring the hens back this year after they make a bigger hen-run from recycled materials.

Other Finalists in this Category included -

  • St. Mary's Boys National School in Ballsbridge
  • St. Conleth's Infant School, Kildare.



Repak is a not-for-profit members-based packaging compliance scheme - currently Ireland's only producer responsibility scheme - which was established under a voluntary agreement between industry and the Department of the Environment and Local Government in 1997.

It was created as industry's response to the obligations placed on Ireland by the EU directive on Packaging Waste (94/62/EC) and is the only government-approved compliance scheme under the Waste Management (Packaging) Regulations 1997.

Repak succeeded in reaching - and exceeding - Ireland's National Recycling Target of 25% of packaging waste in 2001 and 50% in 2005 - as set by the EU directive.

Repak runs a variety of educational initiatives - such as the Repak Recycling Week in October, the Repak Green Christmas and the Repak National Conference. It is also a sponsor of An Taisce's National Spring Clean campaign, the Tidy Towns Competition and the schools-based Repak Cash for Cans programme.



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