2005 Repak Results

Highlights summary

Repak, the industry funded recycling scheme, has revealed initial packaging recycling figures for 2005 - showing how industry met and exceeded the 2005 EU used packaging recycling target (50%) by an impressive 14% (64%).

Summary highlights 2004

  • Repak funded the recovery and recycling of c. 565,000 tonnes in 2005, representing c. 64%† of all packaging placed on the Irish market - this is a 17% increase on 2004.
  • Total Repak membership income exceeded €20.9m.
  • Membership increased by 280 and generated an additional €1.7m in fee income.
  • Repak invested €18.6m in supporting recycling activity in 2005.
  • Household plastic recycling increased to c. 17,000 tonnes - up from just under 5,000 tonnes in 2004. 13,5000 tonnes were plastic bottles, representing a recycling rate of c. 28% of all plastic bottles placed on the Irish market.
  • In 2005, Repak helped fund over 28 additional kerbside schemes, reaching a further 366,000 households.
  • The number of bring banks has increased by 820 over the last three years as a result of the Repak bring bank programme. There are now over 2,200 bring banks nationally.
  • Repak funded kerbside dry recycling collections reaching in excess of 822,000 households in 2005 - approximately 55% of all households.
†Source: EPA 2004 National Waste Database Report adjusted for Repak projected market growth


Membership Recruitment

In 2005, Repak membership increased to 2,135 - representing a net increase of 14% over 2004. 280 new members were welcomed into the scheme in 2005 and new member revenue amounted to €1.7m.


Packaging Recovery/ Recycling

In 2005, Repak recycled/recovered c. 565,000 tonnes of packaging - an increase of 17% on the previous year. This represents approximately 64%† of all packaging placed on the Irish market -a significant increase from the 15% recycled/recovered in 1998.
† Source: EPA 2004 National Waste Database Report adjusted for Repak projected market growth.


Packaging Recovery Split

In line with the strategy of targeting the heavier weight, more cost-effective material types, 83% of the materials recovered/recycled were drawn from paper/OCC, wood and glass - with plastic and metals accounting for a further 17%.


Material Recovery Rates

In 2005, Repak funded the recovery and recycling of 43,000 tonnes of plastic packaging - a 10% increase on last year. This represents approximately 20% of all used plastic packaging. Household plastic recycling grew significantly, from 5,000 tonnes in 2004, to 17,000 tonnes in 2005.

In 2005, Repak subsidised the recovery and recycling of 248,000 tonnes of paper and cardboard - 77% of all paper and board packaging placed on the market. This was an increase of 23% over 2004. In 2005, paper and board accounted for 43% of the total weight of materials collected through Repak.

Almost 100,000 tonnes of glass was recovered/recycled by Repak in 2005. This is a significant increase of c. 14% on tonnes collected in 2004 and represents approximately 83% of all glass placed on the Irish market. Glass accounted for 18% of the total weight of materials collected by Repak in 2005.

In 2005, Repak recovered a total of just over 48,000 tonnes of metal for recycling. This was in the region of 65% of all metals placed on the market and accounted for approximately 9% of the total weight of materials collected by Repak in 2005.

126,000 tonnes of wood were recovered in 2005. This was an increase of 19% over 2004 and represented approximately 87% of all wood/other materials placed on the Irish market.


Operating Surplus/Deficit

Income, generated from Repak recycling fees, amounted to €20.9m for the year ending 31st December 2005 - including €1.22m of non-recurring income. This represented a 19.6% increase over 2004 revenues of €17.5m. Total expenditure amounted to €18.6m compared to €16.5m in 2004 - an increase of 13% which supported an increase of 15% in recycling activity.


Operating Expenditure

Total direct recycling costs represented 78% of total expenditure in 2005 - versus 76% in 2004. Total overheads increased by 4% from €4.03m to €4.2m in 2005.


Direct Recycling Expenditure

Direct recycling support payments to local authorities, recovery operators and recyclers grew to €14.3m in 2005. Over the past five years, Repak has invested almost €63m in direct recycling supports.


Total Expenditure Split

Domestic supported tonnes accounted for 24% of total recovery activity and 65% of total expenditure.


Communication/ Education Activities

Repak ran a number of communication and education campaigns in 2005, targeted at Repak stakeholders and consumers.

Repak’s main campaigns included the Repak Easter Appeal, Repak Recycling Week and Repak Green Christmas. Other campaigns included recruitment of new members and communication of annual results.

As part of Repak Recycling Week, the Repak Recycling Awards were presented to recognise members, local authorities, recovery operators and our youth who have made substantial efforts and achievements in the area of packaging recycling. One of the most successful promotions of Repak Recycling Week was a radio competition - run in conjunction with Toyota - which offered householders the opportunity to win a Toyota Prius.

Repak also continued its sponsorship of two major national anti-litter campaigns in 2005 - National Spring Clean and Tidy Towns.




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