New Technologies Training Programme

New Technologies for the Diversion of Biodegradable Municipal Waste from Landfill

An exciting new CPD accredited training course has been developed by Enviros Consulting - with support from FÁS - for personnel at all levels who have a role in the waste decision-making process.

The New Technologies Training Programme is a thoroughly comprehensive training programme which combines practical management theory and principles on the implementation of waste technologies, with the unique style of delivery from Enviros Consulting.

The course will contribute to the development of knowledge and skills to enable decision-makers to evaluate waste technologies and provide objective advice as part of a decision-making process for the treatment of Biodegradable Municipal Waste (BMW) that will reduce Ireland's reliance on landfill.

The course comprises of a number of key units and contains exercises to provide opportunities for participants to demonstrate the achievement of the intended learning outcomes of the course.

To gain full accreditation for the course, delegates should attend all two days of the course.

Who should attend?
The course should be attended by anyone who will play a role in the decision-making process for implementing waste technologies into their county or region. This would include -

Waste Officers
Planning Officers
Finance Officers
Private Waste Sector.

Course/Programme/Seminar objectives -

  1. A technical review of the principal technologies available for the treatment of BMW will be provided;
  2. The key issues which influence decisions about the delivery of new waste management technologies for the treatment of BMW will be identified and reviewed;
  3. Case study material will be utilised to promote better understanding of the technical and operational aspects of the different technologies;
  4. The course will enable participants to provide objective advice to elected members and additional stakeholders involved in the decision-making process - and, finally
  5. Course participants will be provided with an underpinning knowledge to enable them to contribute to a framework for strategic decision making.

New Waste Technologies

To identify and describe the principles of technologies with the knowledge to critically evaluate the effectiveness of each in terms of meeting individual authority's targets;

To apply mass balance approaches and review the social and environmental impacts.

Course Focus

Financial Decision Makiing

To determine accurate costs for new technologies;
Capable of comparing costs, identifying financing options and their implications, when identifying the most appropriate option for individual organisations;
Clarify priorities and evaluate the relationship between procurement, deliverability and technology selection;
Knowledge to analyse risks in procuring technologies and contracts.

Licensing, Permitting and Planning

Capability of evaluating location, development and future operational impact upon the application process;
Provide an understanding of how key land-use planning issues impact on the selection and implementation of new technologies;
Knowledge to identify and manage the main challenges to gaining planning permissions for waste facilities and how to address them.

On completing the course participants will have an all-round knowledge of the full decision-making process for implementing new waste technologies and be able to input at all stages of the process.

Course Structure

The course will cover the following topics over a 2-day period -

  • New and Emerging Technologies for the Treatment of BMW - A technical review;
  • Costs, Finance and Bankability;
  • The management of outputs from new technologies processing MSW;
  • Licensing and Permitting;
  • Procurement;
  • Land-use Planning and Planning Consent.

Course Locations

Dublin (Clarion, Airport) - Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th of December
Cork (Rochestown Park Hotel) - Wednesday 17th & Thursday 18th January
Galway (Galway Bay Hotel) - Wednesday 24th & Thursday 25th January
Athlone (Shamrock Lodge Hotel) - Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th of February


To download the Registration Form - Click Here



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