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Structured training in the background, use and limitations of 'Sim' software
- User Training Courses Ireland 2007

Developed by Golder Associates on behalf of the Environment Agency (England and Wales), the industry standard 'Sim' software range includes LandSim and GasSim for landfill performance assessment with respect to groundwater/surface water impacts and gas generation and migration, respectively - and ConSim which assesses the potential impacts of contaminated land to groundwater/surface water.

LandSim was originally launched in 1996 as a tool to assess the leakage of leachate from landfill sites and its impact on groundwater quantitatively. It is a relatively simple tool that assesses leakage from a landfill, attenuation in the unsaturated zone and dilution and contaminant transport in the saturated zone.

LandSim 2.5 was launched in 2003 to take account of the inevitable future failure and degradation of active engineering and management control systems, so that the entire life-cycle of a landfill can be modelled.

GasSim was first developed and launched in 2002 as a tool to assess the risks to various media from landfill gas (LFG). The model essentially determines -

  • the quantity of gas generated;
  • the emissions from flares, engines and through the surface and sides;
  • the movement of the gas through the atmosphere and geosphere - and
  • the impact on the environment and the exposure to humans.

ConSim 2
was launched in 2003 and allows a tiered approach to the modelling of multiple sources and receptors. It incorporates features such as declining source terms, user-defined correlation and a plume generator. It also introduced a Laplace transformation approach to solving the advection-dispersion equation for both the unsaturated and saturated pathway - allowing dispersion to be modelled more accurately.

The software uses the Monte Carlo Method for provision of a probabilistic risk assessment - the output of which is tailored to provide for key requirements of current European Environmental Legislation. The latest version of LandSim (v2.5), for example, was developed to allow for consideration of issues raised in the Landfill Directive - such as degradation of site engineering/infrastructure - and is likely to be utilised in waste management PPC applications.

An understanding of the software will aid industry, regulators and academics in the decision-making process with respect to potential environmental impacts, controls and compliance.

2 day Courses
To ensure that all attendees gain maximum benefit from the courses, Golder Associates keep the agenda flexible. It is assumed that participants are familiar with the use of Microsoft Excel and have a working knowledge of the issues surrounding contaminated land (ConSim) or landfills (GasSim & LandSim).

By the end of the course, all participants will have -

Learned the background to each risk assessment package and relevant aspects of contaminant migration theory;

Become familiar with the concepts of probabilistic assessment and be able to define your own PDFs;
Obtained detailed knowledge of the software, its use and its analytical processes;

Completed hands-on workshops - providing practical tuition in the use of LandSim v2.5, ConSim v2 and GasSim v2 (using both simulated and real data).

Course details
The courses listed will be held at Golder Associates' offices in Belfast. Other locations and dates are possible - depending on client preferences.

The cost of each training course per delegate includes -

All the necessary hardware (you are welcome to bring your own laptop computer with all the relevant software installed if you prefer);
All tuition;
Tea and coffee;
Lunch on each day of the course;
A set of course notes;
CD - including all overheads, workshops and other useful data.

The cost of overnight accommodation is not included - but can be arranged locally upon request.

Costs per delegate for the 2 day training courses are - £495 + VAT
One Day Courses are also available (£295 + VAT). These are aimed at people with experience of using earlier versions of the Sims software.

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Wednesday 21st & Thursday 22nd March, 2007

Wednesday 30th & Thursday 31st May, 2007

Wednesday 19th & Thursday 20th September, 2007


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